Raise Brand Awareness and Drive Leads using Dynamic Video Ad Server

Tell your brand story with a dynamic video ad that fosters interaction and raises engagement. The CTV/OTT advertising landscape is a rapidly evolving platform that promises a plethora of benefits and capabilities. Utilize the far-ranging capabilities of the ADCTV Builder for video ad creation to enhance the impact of your digital campaigns.

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Optimize Your CTV and OTT
Advertising Campaigns


Unlock performance capabilities of CTV and
OTT platforms to improve ROI and drive growth.
Generate valuable insights with comprehensive audience and campaign metrics.
Optimize video ad server placements with the right mix of direct and programmatic ad sales.
Adjust ad campaigns in real-time with
actionable performance data to maximize ad yield.
Scalable pricing and features for video ad servers and publishers.


Optimize campaigns towards meaningful conversions.
Expand your reach and connect with audiences where they are.
Utilize audience demographics as well as behavioral and contextual targeting to reach the right audience.
Ensure audience interactions and better engagement with top features for video ad creation.
Integrate video ad units with interactive elements to deliver holistic ad experiences.

Monitor Performance in Real-Time to Optimize
CTV/OTT Advertising Campaigns

A real-time understanding of an audience interacting and engaging with your dynamic video ad and the ability to modify and adjust your active campaigns immediately can go a long way in helping you improve your ROI

Transparent real-time reports of all dynamic video ad campaigns.
Customize your KPIs.
ROI tracking.
Track key metrics like user engagement, viewability, and cost per conversion.
24X7 access to a comprehensive, easy-to-use analytics dashboard.
Access metrics to measure cross-platform performance.

Deliver an Engaging Experience with the Best Formats and Templates

We offer a range of amazing templates for you to choose from for building your video ad units, with ad tags that ensure universal compatibility with all video ad servers. Whether they are viewed on large screens or small, with ADCTV Builder’s video ad creation capabilities, you can significantly improve your cross-channel ad campaigns.

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Grab Attention

Already known to be attention-grabbing ad formats, integrating video ad units into CTV/OTT advertising can get a lot of audience attention.

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Better Conversions

The engagement of video ads and the expanded yet targeted reach of OTT and CTV platforms promise better completion and conversion rates.

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Ad cost on OTT and CTV platforms is competitive as it is a relatively new concept. Plus, with real-time metrics, continuous optimization of campaigns is also possible.

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Measure and analyze campaign performance
in real time and adjust it for better ROI.

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